#TeamNoKids and The Backlash From Butthurt Parents

I’m sorry it’s been quiet here recently. I do want this blog to take off but my life is just pretty stressful and I battle with health problems so sometimes there may be a gap between posts. Just bear with me.

Sooo, something I’ve been looking at recently – and I realise I’m a bit late to this party – is the hashtag that took off a short time ago from the childfree community #TeamNoKids. This was just basically about being proud to have made the choice to have no children and be pursuing life the way YOU want to! After all the hassle so many childfree people get from the childed, why not just let us have this one, and let us say we’re proud of our often controversial life choices? But no… there has been a backlash and it isn’t pretty!  What we have again is mummies being angry. They’ve taken the #TeamNoKids hashtag as a personal attack at them, and they have hit back hard… in ANY way they can, whether it’s so immature we can’t believe they’re raising small humans or not!

Lets look at a few ways mummies have hit back at our innocent hashtag;


This is a particularly low blow! My first reply would be “Well because, personally, I’m about 20 years older than most of you mummy types who would post this crap!” But really…?? Is this necessary? Also, is childbearing the only reason you might end up gaining weight or looking a bit more rounded than you’d prefer? How about depression, medications, injury, lifestyle, illness?? But yeah, thanks whoever made this one up (probably a 19 year old mother of 2), and F*CK YOU!!!


Where can I begin with this one!?? Firstly there’s the absolute butchery of the English language! RIP, I’ll miss you! Also;

1/ I’m sure there ARE single mothers “doing it better”, did our hashtag mention anything to the contrary? But there are a hell of a lot more childfree women doing it better because they are happy with their choices (clearly anyone who wrote this mess of a meme isn’t), they have no dependents holding them back or making them broke, and they can do anything they want whenever they want!

2/ Looking better?? See my first point! Perhaps single mummy has no illnesses or medications that cause weight gain, or perhaps she’s just much younger than her childfree counterpart. I know we LOOK young because we don’t have all that unnecessary stress, but we are not always as young as we look!

3/ I wasn’t screaming anything, I was using a hashtag! Why am I broke?? Because I’ve been ill due to a very rare condition I was born with, and I can’t work! Is that explanation enough for you? Not that it’s your business! Perhaps you think I should’ve had kids anyway and let them be broke with me, just so I can type #TeamKids with you!

4/ Grind harder? You mean twerking to earn the money to feed your kids? Yeah okay, that I believe!


Firstly, what’s a “bih”? I’ll assume you mean bitch. Again, we don’t SCREAM anything. We used a hashtag to give us a bit of power against society who think we’re scum because we didn’t reproduce. And seriously, you’ve met all the hashtag users have you? This is just reaching! Put enough negative crap on a list and you’re bound to hurt someone. Ridiculous!!


Yeah… you knew some girl from school who did this, and decided to accuse everyone else of it, right? Even if someone has had an abortion and uses that hashtag, technically they ARE childfree, so… As far as “serial killer” goes, I’m not opening up the abortion debate, but how even a pro-lifer can see ONE abortion as being a serial killer, I’m not sure.

So it seems the childed will always find a way to get at the childfree! I even saw one girl start a thread inviting mummies to post their hot selves in the comments because they’ve got it going on way more than most childfree… well that dissolved quickly when women the size of a house started posting their not-so-hot selves and a guy started trolling the thread telling them the harsh truth! lol

Please do keep using #TeamNoKids though – we have every right and we are not bashing anyone, it’s these super-mature, got-their-shit-together mummies who are being insulting! Maybe one day they’ll grow up…

I will leave you with a link to a lecture from a 20 year old mummy of one declaring her sympathy for the childfree, while her toddler walks around with a pen in it’s mouth! Enjoy!

Lecture from Lea Saldana, Teen Mum


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