The Jillian Michaels “tired” Debacle

If you’ve not seen and read this going on this last week or so, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Jillian Michaels, a woman I’d never heard of – so any accusation of just wanting to rant on her wall because she’s a “celebrity”, are way off – and who I have since learnt is someone from the US version of The Biggest Loser, and now a “Fitness Guru”, posted this on her Facebook page:

so cute

And what followed was parent vs non parent all-out war!!!

This post appeared in the Home Feed of many childfree people, was shared amongst childfree groups, and we heaved a collective sigh at yet another condescending meme about how tired parents are compared to non parents. Okay, this one is not all out saying we don’t have the right to say we’re tired, or that we don’t know what tired is, but the patronising tone is there, the use of the word “cute” as a description for her pre-kid self who thought she was tired… it doesn’t take a brainiac to see what it’s implying. The childfree community began to write on Jillian’s public wall underneath the meme, including myself. I didn’t insult anyone, swear, use the words “breeders” or “brats” or worse… yet I found my comment featuring in a daddy’s butthurt article about it. Later it appeared in another. I guess I should feel flattered that out of those thousands of responses, my words stood out so much. Although, not so impressed that the second article used my name – I certainly wasn’t asked and I’m just glad my Facebook is locked down! Parents get damned nasty when hitting out at the childfree.

And that’s what happened… as the non parents left their comments, most of them just objecting to the tone of the meme without any actual insulting or offensive words, we were hit back at by the parenting community (who have an awful lot of time to waste on social media it would appear). We were accused of moaning over nothing, and that this meme was Jillian “literally comparing herself to herself”. It’s ironic really, because in the end, all you see is a bunch of parent keyboard warriors lashing out at a minority of childfree people, reveling in their strength in numbers, and generally coming across as immature and WAY more whiny and moany than we were!! Also, angry and pretty nasty. An example of some comments;

  • I bet you’re a real firecracker at parties.”
  • “Clearly someone’s parents didn’t think parenting was a big deal…”
  • “shut your fool mouth until you know what your talking about”
  • “Referring to the whiners droning on and on about how tired they are without kids btw haha”
  • “I honestly don’t know how you deal with so many sensitive, stupid people. So many took offense to this innocent meme and made it about them. Guess what assholes it’s not about you. Stop making everything about you!”
  • “Go cry me a river you poor sad whiny ass babies”
  • “She also also walked 10 miles to school each day, in the snow, barefoot, uphill, 8 times a day….ON TOP OF parenting 100 children, feeding 57368 animals, pruning 5279047 trees, and sleeping .35 seconds. Everyone, please applaud her for her hardship.” 
  • “Everyone has a story and hardships and we all get tired. End of story. Damn, get some therapy if this bothers you.”

That’s just a sample from some of the comments at the top of the never ending comment thread from parents to the actually quite FEW non parents who dared to comment and say they didn’t think the meme was hilarious. Most of these were amongst a ton of others attacking the same people. The gang mentality was strong, you have to worry about these people raising the future generations!!!

My favourite comment had to be this – which basically explained exactly WHY we got annoyed at this meme, because of pieces of work like THIS;

  • “I was once one of those neurotic assholes that thought I was tired as a singular person. LOL. Yah. Noooo lol. You definitely don’t know tired until you’re a parent. Plain and simple.”

Shut your pie-hole, Mummy Martyr! You’re part of the problem here!

After you read a few comments from childfree people about how the meme is patronising and we’re sick of this attitude from parents, all it is is just parents – mainly mamas – trying to out-clever each other’s comments with snark and sarcasm about those awful childfree people all over the comments being horrible to poor Jillian and being too sensitive. Comment. After. Comment!!! They don’t even see the stupidity or the irony of saying WE are the “whiny bitches”.

Then the articles started coming… Jillian Michaels is clearly milking all the publicity she can out of this “shit storm” as she calls it. Google’ Jillian Michaels, tired meme’ and you get at least two pages of links to boring articles about this.

She even posted a new separate thread linking one of the articles and started her minions off again!!!

Jillian Michaels won’t let it die…

Oh and just to add, this is the woman who has upset the childfree community before;

Jillian Michaels Thinks The Childfree are Selfish and Immature

And even the parents!!!

Jillian Michaels won’t do that to her body

So I hope you enjoyed your free publicity, Jillian. I guess a few more people know who the hell you are now. But I don’t think you can milk it anymore, sorry about that! Maybe try again in a year or so…

In the meantime, a few of the ranting mummies in the comments sarcastically suggested we make our own meme if we’re “so offended”. I just decided to add an extra part to the existing one. So here you go…

so cute




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