The April Fool’s Pregnancy Prank – It’s No More Offensive Than Anything Else Online!

April Fool’s Day came and went, and with it came the “Please don’t joke about being pregnant” memes and statuses everywhere you looked online!  It was hard to decide on a post to respond to here but I picked one eventually.

Finally I chose one that covers a few points; Please Don’t Pretend You’re Pregnant On April Fool’s Day

Now personally, I find April Fool’s Day to be a total bore. I’m not into practical jokes, I much prefer subtle humour, literal humour and that ever popular British brand of humour – sarcasm. However, some people love to pull pranks and that’s their prerogative. Nobody has the right to tell them not to do it!  As most people advise, if you don’t like something you see online, scroll past it! Hell, I see offensive stuff every day online but I let it go, because the things I get butthurt about are no more important than anyone else’s list of “things that offend”. If we all went around trying to tell people not to post things that offend us, the internet might as well be closed down!

closed internet

Lets go through the reasons people think you shouldn’t joke about being preggers on April Fool’s Day.

1 Don’t do it out of respect for your infertile friends and those who have lost a baby

I would think, rather than targeting those people making a lame joke which will probably last for less than 24 hours once this year, you should be making a plea to people with kids to post less photos and gushing statuses about their precious babies and children. That has to hurt way more than this once-a-year joke that might not even hit your timeline at all anyway! But you can’t do that. And you can’t tell people what not to joke about either.

2. You’ll be answering questions for days… Facebook won’t know you’re ‘just kidding’

“Facebook”?? Or do you mean our Facebook FRIENDS? I doubt Facebook itself is going to contact us giving us much congratulations. And if any of my Facebook friends believed a status I post on April Fool’s Day about suddenly being preggers, I would realise I had really overestimated their intelligence all this time!!

3.  When you’re actually pregnant, people won’t believe you

Because I made a joke one time five years back about being preggers on April 1st?? I really don’t think that will be much of a problem! I think they’d believe me. And if they didn’t, I’d just wait until I had a big old baby bump and shove that in their faces! Problem solved. Anyway, I’m childfree, so it’s never going to happen!

4.  Some friends will be hurt you didn’t tell them first

Then they’ll stop and think, ‘hang on, it’s 1st of April. Nice one SW, great joke!’

5.  You may break your mama’s heart

I’d break her heart if I said I WAS pregnant!!  If I thought it was true though, and wanted to play this joke on friends, I’d just tell her in advance “Hey mum, when I post that I’m preggers on April Fool’s Day, it’s just a joke okay!”. Again, problem solved!

6.  You may not have intended to be a jerk, but you have to have fertility etiquette

Do I? No but, really, DO I?? It’s just a joke! If you see it and don’t like it, scroll past. The internet is a harsh place, I get into online arguments all the time. Those people have NO etiquette. There was a time I was in an argument with a mama, and she decided to go onto my profile – that I have since made extremely secure and this couldn’t happen again – saved a load of photos of me, and then posted them back on the comment thread with insults about my appearance, other mamas chimed in and they all had a great old time ripping the sh*t out of me! (Great role models to their kids, and very mature mamas huh?) My point is, you will come across offensive things and very nasty people every day online. You cannot police what happens on the world wide web! 

Also, I’m sorry but what one person gets upset about is no more important than what someone else gets upset about! For you it’s seeing jokes about being pregnant… for someone else it’ll be jokes about “gingers” (yes okay, that is me. I had a hard time in my young days due to bullying about my hair colour, and “ginger” jokes hurt me even today, even when they’re not aimed at me) and for others it’ll be jokes about being too tall or short. Yet the only thing I see posted everywhere is “NEVER joke about being pregnant!” Who decided that is the worst thing ever to joke about?


I read one article about this whole mountain-out-of-molehill that said “haven’t you ever wanted anything so much you wanted to cry”? Erm… well yeah. I’d love a home in the Seychelles, a lamborghini and to look like a supermodel! I’ll never achieve any of those things – so… don’t anyone post about their holiday homes, flashy cars or post selfies if you’re particularly beautiful! It was probably the lamest “don’t joke about being pregnant” arguments I’ve heard yet!

All this said, I actually do have sympathy for those who want children badly and are suffering with infertility. And yes I realise the pain of that is probably something a lot of people won’t properly understand as it’s a ‘you have to go through it to know’ type of hurting. But so are a LOT of other things, and just because it’s baby-related doesn’t give anyone special privileges to tell others what to do. I’m afraid parents and potential parents have become a little too used to being given special treatment.

Anyway,as I said, I find April Fool’s Day ridiculous, so I didn’t participate at all. However, I know many did, and that is their right. If you see something you don’t like, look away and scroll past. And then get on with your day! Like people do every day all over the world about many things they find hurtful online.

I promise, you will have an easier life that way!


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