9 Things Your Toddler Does That Do Not Excuse You Being a Rude Biatch!!

So, the latest post to leave me open-mouthed was this one;

9 Things My Toddler Does That I’m No Longer Apologizing For

What gets me about this one is that it starts off fairly neutral, you think “okay, kind of get that”. And then she hits about point #4 and it’s like she’s getting more irate and angry, and she just ends up being a rude moo with no idea about basic social decency and no consideration for anyone around her. So, lets take a look at this mummy nobody wants to come across!!

1.       I’m not sorry she doesn’t want to say hello to you.

Sometimes my little girl refuses to say hello.  Sometimes she’s the complete opposite and she’ll greet everyone as we walk down the grocery aisle. In the instance that she doesn’t want to say hi and she hides behind my legs, that’s okay. Don’t take it personally. I’m not going to apologise for her feeling shy and vulnerable at that moment. I’m going to tell her it’s nice to say hi but if she doesn’t want to, she can wait until she is comfortable to do so.

With this one, I was like, yeah okay. I understand that. You don’t force a shy toddler to talk to someone if they really don’t want to. I was a shy child, and if I was hiding behind my mother’s legs I really wouldn’t have responded too well to her prising me away and forcing me to engage with a stranger.

2.       I’m not sorry she pushed in line.

My little girl does kindergym and this often involves children doing set activities in a particular order. These kids are all a bit older and understand the concept of ‘waiting your turn’. Well, my little girl and I are still working on that. If she pushes in, she didn’t do it to “get in first’ – she simply didn’t see your child there waiting. She saw the equipment and wanted to play on it. Yes, I’ll gently move her off, point to the waiting child and explain it to her again and again. But she didn’t mean it or do it with intent. If your five year old has a tantrum because their turn was delayed by 10 seconds, remind them they were two once as well.

Yeah, kind of lost my understanding a bit on this. You DO have to apologise for this. You just know when HER child is 5 (is that a magical age when all kids should know how to conduct themselves in public), and has a meltdown because a kid jumped ahead of her in a queue, she’ll be demanding an apology from the kid’s mother!

3.       I’m not sorry she wants my attention when you’re talking to me.

I am everything to my little girl. If she does something she is proud of, she wants to tell me. If she hurts herself, she was to show me. She doesn’t understand that grown ups are talking and she should patiently wait to tell me about a bug she saw in the grass. Sometimes I’ll ask her to wait, other times I won’t. I want to listen to her story and I want to be present for her in that moment. I’m not always going to be her everything, so while I am, I am going to make the most of it.

Yeah, no, sorry!! I’ve had this happen way too many times when I’m with friends. If the kid hurts itself, or gets into something it shouldn’t, yes of course mum has to stop the conversation to go and see to the kid. But, if she wants to show mummy a bug… tell her to wait!! She’s not going to hit her teens and hate you just yet!!

4.       I’m not sorry she accidently bumped into your child.

My little girl is a tough nut. If she accidently bumps into someone, she’ll dust herself off and continue on as if nothing happened. Sometimes, the other child isn’t so tough and that little bump or bruise they’ve just copped results in a display suitable for someone being hit by a car. Seriously. I’m not apologising if my 12kg little girl accidently knocks into a child older and bigger than her. Those kids just have to harden up!

Now she’s starting to lose the plot a bit. You can almost see the steam starting to come out of her ears as she thinks of occasions when her little darling has done something and she’s been expected to apologise, and she’s thought NO – I WILL NOT!!!! lol  

So, listen up other mums. Your children just have to change their character and strength to fit in with this woman’s kid! It’s just the way it has to be I’m afraid. Your kids just have to get tough! (What a cow).

5.       I’m not sorry I’m taking up the footpath.

Yes I have a pram. Inside that pram, I have a 13 week old and next to that pram is my two year old walking as fast as her little legs can go. That pram is packed to brim with every ‘in case of emergency’ item you can think of. It’s safe to say, I’m not moving off that footpath with a load that’s already hard enough to push.

Of course I’d move for the elderly, disabled or anyone who clearly needed the footpath more than myself, but if you’re a fully able 17 year old girl who scoffs as you have to step on the grass to walk around us. Tough.

Oh dear!! She started out so well… and now she’s just lost me completely. This is just a case of social ettiquette. Don’t take up a whole pavement! If it’s a narrow path, okay I get your point, but otherwise, on an average street, just move a bit. Some people are in a hurry; running for a bus or train, late for work, rushing to hospital to see a sick relative… just have some consideration and move a little to the side!  And just a tip, you really don’t need to bring that much baby stuff just to go to the shops. Lighten your load a bit, and you CAN move out of the way with no excuses! 

And you just know a teenage girl has tutted as she’s had to go in the road to get round her at some point. lol  On that note, I would just like to add, you NEVER know if someone is “fully able” just from how old they look!!!

6.       I’m not sorry she gets dirty.

Yes, I let my daughter play outside. Yes, she does get incredibly dirty. She’s often covered in dog slobber, dirt and probably has horse poo in her shoes. That’s life at my house. If your child comes over to play and they don’t like the dirt and scream when she comes close – I’m not apologising. You can just hop back in your car and bugger off.

Your house sounds disgusting, and I doubt anyone wants to come and visit you with that attitude!!

7.       I’m not sorry that she stopped in front of you when you were walking

I hated children at the shopping centre before I had my own. I would wonder why their parents couldn’t just keep them in line and stop them from walking in front of me or stopping in my way. Now I’ve got two, I feel their pain.

If my little girl happens to stumble in your way, or stop to point to her shoe and tell me about it. Deal with it. She doesn’t know you’re there and she doesn’t care. Personally, I don’t care that you’re there either. Walk around us. It’s not hard.

Nope!! One of my pet peeves is kids wandering in front of me, or just stopping without warning. You know if I ram into them, the mother is going to mouth off at me! 

Also, fantastic attitude lady! You don’t care people are around you. All you care about is you and yours. People like you are a large part of what is wrong in this world. If you don’t care about anyone else, why do you expect them to give a toss about you? I’ll just keep walking in a straight line, your kid will have to get out of my way. I DON’T CARE that she’s there!!! How does that sound to you?!

8.       I’m not sorry she doesn’t share well.

My girl’s definition of sharing is playing ‘next to’ another child. If she see’s something she wants, she’ll try take it. She adores playing with other children, but she is two. Two year olds are all about themselves. I am teaching her that sharing is the right thing to do and it can be rewarding to do so, but she doesn’t agree with me yet. And to be honest, all the kids she plays with does the same to her. I’d rather her snatch a toy off someone who has snatched it off her then be a doormat.

Wow! I would love to check in to this woman’s life in about 12 years’ time and see exactly what sort of human she’s raised. So… you’re happy she’s snatched another kid’s toy (you’ll just assume that the kid snatched it from her initially), and you’ll teach her that she doesn’t need to give it back or say sorry. YOU won’t say sorry. Nobody says sorry. You’re teaching this kid that nothing she does is her fault and she need not take responsibility or feel remorse about anything. 

Great job parenting!

9.       I’m not sorry for not saying sorry.

My little girl is getting older and she needs to know that I’ve got her back. I’m no longer apologising and making her feel bad in instances where she hasn’t really and truthfully done the wrong thing. I’m giving her space to grow and live and if that means hurting some feelings along the way, so be it.

So really, that was just 8 things your kid does that you’re not saying sorry for. Now you’re telling us you’re not sorry for not saying sorry!? I think you’re getting confused luv. 

Your version of her “not really and truthfully doing the wrong thing” is nobody else’s version. Yes there are things she’ll do because she’s two years old, but she needs to learn that’s not the right way to do things and she needs to know that and apologise or hear her MUM apologise.

As for the last sentence… This woman shouldn’t be a mother! As long as she and her kid are okay, no matter anyone is hurt along the way. That’s basically it in a nutshell really. I cringe to think what that two year old will be like when she’s an adult!

This whole mess is like a tutorial of how NOT to parent your kid! Vile woman!